How Much Charcoal to Use When Smoking Your BBQ Grill

how much charcoal to use-kitchengazette.comIf you are planning to use charcoal smoker grill for your BBQ you must know how much charcoal to use there. However, in addition to charcoal, there are many other methods to grill barbecue, such as gas grill or stove, electric oven, etc. You can also grill BBQ with this equipment. But the authentic smoky flavors and aromas that are found using charcoal are not found in anything else. To get the smoky flavor we want all the time, you must choose the good quality charcoal as well as right amount of charcoal. Most people get confused about the amount of charcoal. ‌In this article, I will help you to find out how much charcoal to use. Make your BBQ steak tender and well cooked it is the most important thing you should know. Let’s find out how much charcoal to use when smoking BBQ grills.

 How much charcoal to use

To smoke a perfect BBQ grill you have to use the right amount of charcoal. It depends on the amount, thickness, and texture of the steak you need to BBQ. Simplistically, how much charcoal you use will depend on how much heat you need to grill your BBQ. If you need low heat to grill some tender fish then you have to fill-up 25% of the charcoal chimney. The medium heat probably used for burgers, hotdogs, brats, etc. Now you have to fill 50% of the chimney. For the beef, chicken, lamb steaks you need the medium-high heat with 75% full charcoal chimney. And finally, if you want to grill a huge amount of thick steak for your entire family or guests then you need 100% full charcoal chimney to get a high heat. But you should be careful to maintain the heat. Overheat can burn your desire steak. There is a simple way to get a perfect BBQ grill, just part of the chimney between two sides. Spread the charcoal on one side and another side keeps empty. When you notice the steak almost cooked then leave the steak from direct heat to the side of indirect heat until smoking.

How much charcoal to use in a smoker

You can use two types of charcoal for smoking bbq grill. One of them is briquette and another one is lump coal. However, in my opinion, briquettes are far better than lump coals. Because lump charcoal heats up very quickly and can burn your steak. If you use briquettes charcoal to smoke your barbecue grill then it is necessary to borrow 1kg charcoal for 1kg of meat. For the lump coal, you have to put 1 and a half kg coal for 1kg meat.

Briquettes charcoal is ideal for low and slow cooking. That’s the way you can keep the texture and tender of meat which is suitable for your BBQ grill.

 How much charcoal to use in a weber grill

When you go with a weber grill, you need to preheat the kettle at least 5 minutes. Before startup fill the chimney with charcoal-like 50 to 60 briquettes. Also, place the charcoal grate and 2 lighter cubes under the chimney. Then start it and leave it to heat them.

 How much charcoal to use for chicken

For grilling chicken steak you have to set both sides medium fire heat. In that case, you have to use 100 briquettes for chicken breast. Fire up the charcoal chimney and leave it to grill perfectly. Chicken breast requires a medium-high flame. It doesn’t take very much time to cook. Keep in mind the heat depends on the amounts of charcoal.

 How much charcoal to use for steak

To grilling a steak usually requires high heat. Because when we working with charcoal, the basic requirement is the more coal can hotter the flame. If you are cooking thin meat like burgers, dogs, brats you don’t need high heat. Probably 20 coals will do the perfect grill. But you need a fire for cooking steak, then you have to use more charcoals.

 How much charcoal to use for ribs

For the ribs, you have to put almost 20-30 charcoal briquettes in a lengthy lump on the grill. And also use a charcoal grate to it. Put the great slightly and set the heat at 250-275°F to cook ribs. Keep nearly 10 briquettes in a starter of the chimney. Accordingly add to your existing coal and get a perfect BBQ grill.

 How much lump charcoal to use

When you use lump charcoal for the grill, the ideal ratio is 1½:1. You need 1½ kg lump charcoal for the 1kg meat. Lump charcoal works very well. So that you can control the heat easily. Also using your air holes and chimney. It’s the vastly natural fuel for your grill. Lump charcoal users claim that it can make the food flavor better.

 How much charcoal to use in an offset smoker

For the offset smoker, you need 4-6 pieces of charcoal. It should be sufficient to make the exact quantity of smoke. If you are using an offset smoker you should try 2-4 pieces of wood instead of charcoal. Because wood is the primary heat source of an offset smoker.


Grill or smoke a barbecue is not that hard, just you have to pick the right flame. The heat should be changed for various types of food purposes. You need to fix the amount of charcoal-based on meat’s consistent, texture, and tenderness. The charcoal grill configurations presented above stand useful to various slices of meats and deliver various portions of heat. For the steak, layout stimulates a low heat basis for a long duration of time and needs about 100 charcoal briquettes. Realize the amount of charcoal is a little tricky. So suggestions for the beginners, make a bit of preparation before grilling.

However, it is very important to recognize the essential temperature requirements. Also, remember the burn period before selecting how much charcoal to use for your BBQ grill. So if this article is helpful for you, make a perfect barbecue grill and enjoy it with your family and friends.



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