Best kitchen storage ideas for better kitchen storage solutions

Best kitchen storage ideasMany times, you will face the trouble of not having enough storage in your kitchen. And that may create some problems for your kitchen. No one likes to work in a cramped-up kitchen as it can sometimes be very suffocating.

However, you can’t make your kitchen space bigger unless you opt for reconstruction. And that can cost a lot of money. So, here we will be talking about saving space rather than creating it. When you are dealing with storing a lot of food items stackable containers can help you save some space in your kitchen.

We will share some ideas that will help you save up space in your kitchen. They won’t magically make your kitchen bigger they will optimize your storage solutions to help you get more space.

Before we check out the solution let’s get through some facts about optimizing your kitchen storage.

Optimizing your kitchen storage

You might not even know how much space you have been wasting in your kitchen all this time. It can surprise you when you properly organize your kitchen and find out. And there are some other benefits to it as well.

First of all, you can save up a huge chunk of money that you might have spent on making your kitchen space bigger. A reconstruction can cost a lot of money. So, when you optimize your kitchen space with creative ideas you are taking an affordable route to space issues.

With an optimized kitchen, you will be able to find stuff quickly and hardly lose anything. Also, a small and tidy kitchen is much easier to manage if you are doing it alone. So, that’s a great option for all the homemakers out there.

A small optimized kitchen means more space for other rooms that need to have space. Surely, a spacious kitchen can be comfortable to work in. But that’s not a place where you will be spending all your time. So, this gives you extra space that you can use for other activities.

Lastly, it can give your kitchen a better look than the normal one. You will end up with a clean-looking kitchen even within a small area. Organizing your space will surely make it look better.

Now let’s check out some ideas that you can try out for your kitchen storage.

8 Best kitchen storage ideas 

With the following ideas, you can easily save up organize your storage to save up some space. However, these aren’t any typical DIY ideas they are mostly based on specialized products. You can get them online very easily. Let’s check out some cool ideas.

Creating slots for utensils

Most of the time utensils are the stuff that takes up a lot of space in your kitchen. Also, they are very easy to create a mess around the kitchen. So, to keep them organized all the time you can always try making up slots for such items. Things like cutting boards, plates, serving trays, etc.

Luckily, we have just the thing for you. Spectrum Diversified Euro Kitchen Organizer is the perfect product that serves this exact purpose. You can easily organize your utensils without causing any mess at all. And you just have to pay $14 to get this done.


While it’s a great way to save up space it does require additional maintenance. You will need to make sure that you clean the slots regularly otherwise your stuff can easily be harmed. Also, you have to keep these safe from children, you might have to childproof them as well.

Bracket storage system 

There are a lot of times that you will find unused space around your kitchen. With some little changes, you can use them too. One instance is the space above your windows. You can use some brackets to create a shelf above the windows to store different types of containers or pots and pans.

One of the best options to go with is the Ekena Millwork wooden brackets. You will find a lot of variety in their designs and they are pretty affordable as well. They come in different dimensions as well, so you will surely get something that you need.


For the bracket storage systems you will need to keep some things in mind. You can’t store too many heavy items on the shelf as it can get risky. If you are using wooden shelves then avoid storing liquid items there. You will also need to clean your shelves now and then.

Pull out pantry

Pull-out pantries are a classic choice when it comes to saving up some space in your kitchen. You can cleanly organize all your stuff while saving up a lot of space in your kitchen. It utilizes all the wasted hollow spaces you might have in your kitchen.

Household Essentials Glidez Narrow Sliding Organizer has great value to it. You can try this out as you pull out the pantry as it has got different widths available. Also, they are worth the money you pay. You will be able to store a lot of items as it comes with two tiers of storage.


If you have insects roaming around in your house, they are likely to choose the pantry as their habitat. Make sure to use disinfectants and pesticides in your pantry. Always keep the pantry clean.

Use the display

If you have got a lot of space out for display you should use it. You can keep all the good stuff like beautiful glasses and plates on the display. This works both as a showcase and a solution to your storage needs.

You can get various kinds of shelf setups for this purpose. In most cases, it’s a great way to create a self-right above the sink as the space remains unused and wasted most of the time. Ekena Millwork provides you with some great metal options as well as wooden bracket choices.


You have to be careful with the display that you create. Don’t keep stuff that is too expensive. A display for storing space is pretty risky. Also, you might need to clean it every other day because you wouldn’t want dirt in your display storage.

Drawer under the sink

Most of the time the space under your sink goes unutilized. You can easily use it as a storage space for irregular items. Such as floor cleaners, unwanted pipes, tissue boxes, and so on. As you won’t use them every day it’s a great way to keep the items while saving up space in your kitchen.

You can either make a drawer yourself or you can buy them online. A sliding organizer can also work as an alternative to drawers. This is a great way to use the space under the sink and it makes up a lot of space in your kitchen.


Always give the drawers under the sink a check. As it’s very close to a water source it can get damaged easily with some malfunction of plumbing. You can also use some drawer organizers to create separate compartments inside the drawer. This is helpful when you keep items that are liquid and items that can get damaged easily.

Using hangers

Instead of keeping mugs around the table or in the cabinet use some hangers to hang them. It can save up a lot of space where you can keep other tools or utensils. You can also hang all your cutting boards and tools that have a hang loop on them.

You can find various hangers online. Make sure to look for the sturdy ones that can take up the weight of whatever you want to hang on them. You can also try out shelving pipes that create a new look for your kitchen. It’s a creative way to style your kitchen while making up space for stuff.


The best part of using hangers is that they don’t require much maintenance. As they stay in an open area, they are clean most of the time. Also, you will be using hangers for things that you use daily. However, you have to make sure you don’t store anything heavy on the hangers. They aren’t very reliable for that purpose.

Hanging plate racks

Another creative way to save up on kitchen space is to use hanging plate racks. You can use hang a plate rack around your kitchen and dining area. It’s a convenient and simple way to save up space in your kitchen. It also makes your interior look classy.

You can find various plate racks online. It shouldn’t cost you more than $10 unless you are going for something very fancy.


If you get a metal plate rack make sure it’s made of stainless steel. Otherwise, they can easily rust. If you get a wooden plate rack then you will always need to completely dry the plates after washing them. Then you can keep them on the rack.

Store vertically

In most cases, the problem of a kitchen arises with a lack of space on a horizontal plane. That’s why the best way you can optimize your kitchen space is to go vertical. And the easiest things to organize vertically are storage canisters. Some come with the purpose of storing them vertically which go by sizes in an ascending or descending order.

You can find a lot of storage canisters online that you can try out. Some don’t even cost that much. You can store your items such as rice, flour, wheat, spices, and so on.


While trying to make use of vertical space don’t forget how far you can reach with your hand. Because if the canisters are out of your reach then there is no point. Either has a sliding ladder if the height is too much or you can distribute the canisters in such a manner that you can reach them while on your feet. Also, make sure to clean the canisters often as they can easily get greasy and dirty.

Aside from all this, you can try some basic stuff like moving around your stuff strategically. Sometimes you can create a lot of space this way. But when it comes to kitchen storage, we went through the best ones we could find.

Keep Some Basic Concepts

The gist of all these ideas is to utilize the spaces you have got. It doesn’t have to be the way described. You can come up with your ideas. You just have to keep some basic concepts in mind. They are-

  • Wherever you see some open unused space use it in some way. Organizing your storage is the best way to create space in your kitchen.
  • Always try to store similar stuff in a stacked manner. For example, use containers that you can stack on top of each other. This way you will be able to save up a lot of space horizontally.
  • Try going for a dynamic storage system. This means using drawers, hangers, sliding storage mechanisms. They look hi-tech yet they are very much affordable.
  • If you are thinking of any decorative items for your kitchen try to incorporate the idea of storing something with that. For example, you can have a round table with some hollow space. Cover it up with a tablecloth and use the hollow space as storage for things.
  • Try to use shelves rather than cabinets. You can place shelves on any open space on the wall in a floating manner. This can give you a lot of space for your kitchen.

Based on these concepts you can come up with your unique ideas. They will surely help you free up some space in your kitchen to make it comfortable for working.


There you go we shared the best kitchen storage ideas we could. You can use all of them or some of them it’s completely up to your needs. And if you didn’t find any that you like then you can come up with your ideas based on the concepts we shared. That will help you to manage space in your kitchen. That’s all there is to know about kitchen storage solutions.




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