What You Should Know About How To Reheat Smoked Ribs

If you are a meat lover and whenever you are prepared with your grilling equipment and grilling cookbook for some barbecuing, may be the ribs are the first things you want to do. And, right job is to cook multiple racks of ribs to save the best of your time and fuel. This article is about the best way how to reheat and preserve the leftover ribs. You know airtight, leak proof and strong containers are ideal for storing leftover food. Additionally there, we tend to even have some ways for you that may allow you to retain the original barbecue taste of the ribs after reheating.How To Reheat Smoked Ribs

 How to reheat smoked ribs

The grill works great if you want to reheat your pork ribs and smoked ribs. It gives you a smoky flavor and proper BBQ taste.

At first, preheat your grill on high temperature. Take your leftover ribs out of the fridge and keep them to come at room temperature. Pour some sauce on your ribs. You can use BBQ sauce or smoke liquid.

Wrap them in aluminum foil in two layers. Put the grill to medium heat. Then place them on the grates. Set them on an indirect heat spot. Turn the ribs when that part heated properly on halfway. Reheat the rib meat comes to approximately 155°F. For better taste and proper cooking, tale out the ribs from your foil and keep them on the grill for 5 to 10 minutes per side with the sauce. Following the right time and temperature will help you to get the perfect smoked ribs all times. When they are done, serve them with some spices.

Reheat your ribs in air fryer

An air fryer uses concentrated hot air to replicate cooking like a deep fat fry. The meat becomes so tender and juicy inside and crispy outside.

Fit ribs in air fryer: Air fryer baskets are small, and so you need a decent amount of ribs. Slice your ribs up so that they will fit comfortably into your air fryer without you needing to jam them in. Overloading the air fryer means that the hot air won’t circulate, and some of your ribs won’t come up to your main heating process.

The air fryer doesn’t work well with wet food, so pour BBQ sauce on them and make them juicy. You need to set the air fryer to 350°F. Place your ribs in and cook for 30 minutes. Now, all you need is patience as ribs are traditionally cooked low and slow for hours.

The best rub for ribs: If you want good ribs, you need the perfect rub. For rubbing:

  1. You can use brown sugar, which caramelizes and gets you that nice bark on the outside of the meal. 
  2. Use smoked paprika, for color and to mimic the smoky flavor of grilling.
  3. Put some chili powder and black pepper for spiciness.
  4. Add garlic powder for a great flavor.

Mix everything and then slather it on both sides of your ribs before steaming.

Reheating ribs in oven

When you want something hot and crunchy, the oven is the thing to use. This method is especially for a large number of ribs.

At first, preheat your oven to 250°F. Then take your ribs out of the fridge and let them sit on the counter until they come to room temperature. If you plan to reheat your BBQ ribs in the oven, then that’s the time of adding BBQ sauce on your ribs.

Place ribs on a sheet of aluminum foil and add some more extra moisture. Tightly wrap the foil around the moistened ribs then add another layer of foil to ensure that no liquid escapes during the heating process.

Place the parcel of meat in the oven to cook for 25-30 minutes. Know that cooking time will depend on the cut and quantity of meat. So keep a close eye on that. If you used a spice rub on your ribs, wait until they are reheated and recover them with rub before serving.

Reheat your ribs using microwave 

If hunger strikes, then this is the right time to cook in the microwave. Reheating ribs in the microwave is the usual day-after go-to because it’s simple and easy. But the fact is it won’t give you the best taste.

Moisture is the key to reheating ribs and having them not drying into stringy. Soaked two paper towels in water and wring out the paper towels. Now, place one on the bottom of a safe microwave dish and the other over your ribs. It will help you to keep moisture in your ribs, and it won’t dry out quite as much.

While reheating the ribs, microwave can dry them out more. You have to ensure to have a microwave-safe container. Place the ribs in the container. If possible, you should try to have one layer of ribs in the container. If the container and microwave isn’t big enough, you can do 2-3 layers. Add some water and meat juices to the bottom of the container and microwave for 2-3 minutes. Then take them out to see if they are done. If they are not done, place them back and heat them for 1 minute.

Make sure that the microwave is clean and odor-free before placing ribs inside.

You can reheat ribs in instant pot

You could make tender, smoky ribs in the instant pot.  The instant pots are the quickest way to reheat the ribs. Plus, it doesn’t cause you sweating in heat or smoke. You can just work fast and fatigue free. The steps are:

-First, prepare the ribs, and to do that simply slide a knife just inside the membrane that appears between two ribs . Cut them into pieces.

– Make a dry rub of the ribs with brown sugar, paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, black pepper, smoked salt or any spice of your preference. Mix all in a large bowl and apply them on the ribs.

-Set a streamer inside and set the cooking timer at no more than 20 minutes. Get the ribs stacked on the top of each other inside the instant pot.

-After 20 minutes remove the ribs as soon as possible. Set them in a baking sheet.

-After then you can again add sauce and stream for 3 to 4 minutes.

There you go! Enjoy the instant juicy piece of ribs.

Here is some trending as well quality instant pot you may like:

Season the ribs

Apply the rub on ribs and the end sides also. Gently put the spice mixture into the ribs.

Prepare the electric pressure cooker: Set a steamer inside the cooker. Add one cup of water. Put the ribs on steamer by standing then up and coiling the cooker. Start with the ribs on the outside nearest to the pot. Then make a congested coil inside of the first rack of ribs with the second rack.

Cook the ribs: Seal the pressure cooker and be careful about it’s temperature. Set the high manual pressure for 20 minutes. The cooker will take about 15 minutes to cook.

Quick-release the ribs: When the 20 minutes is up, quickly release the pressure cooker’s release valve. Transfer the ribs meaty-side up to the baking sheet. Meat should be so tender like just pulling away from the ribs. Add sauce and steam then 3-4 minutes. Then cut them and serve.

How to reheat short ribs

Slow cooking is the best way to reheat ribs. You can give short ribs a quick sear to seal in the flavor and give them a delicious brownie look. It will take 2-3 hours to cook, but it’ll give you the best mouth-watering feeling. You can use barbecue sauce for this recipe. You can also add a few drops of liquid smoke if you want a smoky flavor.

Apply black pepper and the salt to the ribs. In the last skillet, heat the olive oil. Place the ribs into them and sear all sides about 2-3 minutes.

Take the ribs from the pan and add them to the slow cooker. Combine the beef stock, red wine, ¼ cup of water and then pour it over the ribs. You can add ½ teaspoon of liquid smoke if you want.

Following any of our reheating methods we’ve described above, hope you can get back your ribs as tasty and tender as the first day those were cooked.

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  1. The only thing you left out for reheating the ribs in an instant pot, was what setting? Sure you mention 20 minutes but after that… pressure cook? This is what I’m trying, I just don’t know


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