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Planning to make someone wow of your holiday gifts? Still, you might not know how to please that one impossible friend of whose choice you are not really aware of. Ever thought of the best subscription box gifts? Even when you don’t have a clue of their likings you may just target a single interest that goes with them. For instance- they can be bookworms, fashion-lover, DIY lovers, foodies, or premium gear freaks.

Now, you might be wondering why choosing a subscription box if you could already figure out their interest. Well, you should choose it because it’s like a box of happiness, as your near and dear one opens it an immediate wow reaction will appear in their face. What’s more, you could ask for?

So, here we will be putting the best subscription box gifts for holiday season so that you can pick one that suits your interest and of course your budget. We have dug dipper and you don’t have to go extra hassle looking for the best one page after pages.

Also, we have sectioned them within different types to make your searching process easier. So without further due let’s traverse around the article.

Best Subscription Box Gifts for Men

The Winston Box- Big and Tall Men’s Clothing Subscription Box:

If you want a gift something for tall men then look no further than The Winston Box. Here you will get sizes up to 6XLT which is rare and the special Winston logo with the clothing. It will include the subscriber’s preferred color, type, and material, and style in the magical box. Whether your man’s style is classic, casual, or trendy you can always choose and stuff 2/3 items in your box.

Thanks to Winston that finally Big guys can get something that fits their fashion and size.

Striking things about the box:

  • Affordable price
  • You can exchange sizes
  • Top sizes are available

Check the subscription box in detail here

Funko Marvel Collector Corps Box

Men with marvel fantasy will find this one most rewarding. Not just men, women are fascinated by such a handful of marvel items. We are providing an example of a box that follows the Captain Marvel theme. Here you will find two figures namely- Nick Fury and Captain Marvel. It includes a T-shirt with the glowing captain marvel and the slogan- “Faster Further Higher” which is both classy and inspiring. Also, you are getting a glass printed with a logo and slogan.

Sticking things about the box:

  • Specializes in the item of crossovers and interesting figures.
  • Every month a different box with different theme releases.
  • You will get 4 to 5 collectibles from each box.
  • Each box speaks of different stories.

Check in-details here

Gentleman’s Box

Men’s Fashion and Lifestyle Accessories Subscription Box: A box coming with accessories will fit an astute man. It includes Styling and grooming items a savvy man would totally fall for.

Striking things about the box:

  • Each box comes with a famous man’s theme
  • You will be getting over $100 value in every box.
  • Well-fit for fashion-conscious men.

Check in-details here

World’s Finest Collection Box

The Officially Licensed DC Comics Mystery Gift Subscription Box: Dc lovers can get their favorite collectibles centering a single DC character theme; such as a mug, jar, figures, money bag, key charms, Beanie, cards, etc.

Striking things about the box:

  • Unique and cute fun miniature fictional items are there.
  • Exclusive items.
  • Within Summer, Spring, Fall, and Winter come 4 unique theme box.
  • A dedicated pop-culture enthusiast seller.

Check the box in details here

Carin- Camping Gear Adventure Outdoor Subscription Box

Men who love to travel a lot will definitely look forward to this adventure enthusiast box. Here one will find the necessary items we need while exploring outdoors. For instance: Hydro Flask, Packaroons, and emergency kits.

Striking things about the box:

  • Includes fresh-market products.
  • Have options for valuable categories.
  • Comes with full-sized products.

Check the box in details here

Fit Snack – Fitness Nutrition Subscription Box

If your man loves food as well as health-conscious then you can have a look at the Fit Snack. It offers you snacks that are mouth-watering as well as healthy; a very good supplement for traveling.

Striking things about the box:

  • 10 premium healthy snacks including nut blends, chips, and healthy bars.
  • Foods approved by nutritionists.
  • Kid-friendly.
  • Quality snacks.

Check the box for details here

Sprezzabox – Men’s Fashion Subscription

Sprezzabox offers a box full of classy items that a modern man will be fascinated to have at his door-steps. It comes with 6 mesmerizing men’s styling items handpicked by the specialist. You will get here items like grooming products, ties, pocket squares, socks, and more.

Striking things about the box:

  • Stylist recommended products.
  • A perfect box for modern stylish men.
  • Comes with items from nominated brands. For instance- Life After Denim, Gordon Rush, Perry Ellis, Indochino, Original Penguin, and nautical.

Check the product in detail here

Sock Fancy – Surprise Pair of Socks Subscription

Keep your man warm with well-fabricated socks with Sock Fancy. Cautiously needled, the socks ensure comfort, quality, and elegant design.

Striking things about the box:

  • Comes with 100s house-designed pair of socks.
  • Quality cotton promises durability and quality.
  • With each bag every month, there comes a surprising pair of socks.
  • The socks are thoughtfully needed.

Check the box here in detail

Sovereign Code- SC Club Monthly Subscription Box for Men

Want to give your male counterpart a refreshing wardrobe feeling? Then you will surely like the Sovereign Code.  It includes items like a t-shirt, sunglasses, pants, and more. The items are seasonal, handpicked, and timeless.

Striking things about the box:

  • A wardrobe refresher.
  • Elegant and timeless designs.
  • 2 to 3 items per month

Check the box here in details

Mancave Ultimate Men’s Cheese & Sausage Gift Basket

The Product features Summer Sausages, 100% Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese, Pepper Jack Cheese | Great Birthday Gift Baskets to Send! with Amazon Prime. .It features well-known products in the market keeping pace with seasons and time. The items change with seasons and demands.

Striking things about the box:

  • Quality items.
  • Selection of needy items.
  • Many options to customize choices.
  • Keeps trendy products.

Check the product here

Best Subscription Box Gifts for Women


Women of color can have the best subscription box gifts with Cocotique. The box concentrates on both healthy ingredients and specific needs. During this pandemic time, this beauty arsenal can extremely be helpful for women. Get a variety of beauty products each month and make your self-care elevated.

Striking things about the box:

  • Each box comes with 5 to 8 travel size skincare products.
  • Deluxe travel size products.
  • Target specific beauty concerns.
  • Ships directly to the mailbox, as a result, it saves your money and time.

Check the product here

How to be a red head

Do you have red head and find it difficult to match appliances and make-up with it? No worries ladies. Here comes- “How to be a red head” with all the appliances matches it.

Striking things about the box:

  • Each time you will get unique items complementing red hair that won’t repeat again.
  • Offers high-quality make-up, skincare product, lifestyle items, and appliances.
  • All the products it contains are approved, tested, and trusted.
  • Very suitable for hot-dyed red hair.

Check the product here

Allure Beauty Box

Who doesn’t love top-trending beauty picks? It’s even more alluring if you can get $100+ value only in $23. Yes, Allure Beauty Box that shall amaze you with amazing products at a considerably lower price.

Striking things about the box:

  • Full and travel-sized products.
  • Selections are made with the help of the Allure experts.
  • Comes with mini-mug suggestion tips and tricks.
  • Lots of products of value within $23.

Check in-details here


Facetory offers a bunch of affordable beauty products like Korean masks and other items. The 7-Lux subscription box offers 7 different Korean face mask to take your skincare routine to a next level. The other package offers K-Glow box with 3 full-sized beauty products, 1 special item, and 3 sheet-masks.

Striking things about the box:

  • You will get 52% off from the first box.
  • A great opportunity to experience K-beauty at a reasonable price.
  • It offers a quality sheet-mask so that you get to try new things without breaking out or hampering your skin.
  • The sheet masks are specially tested for all skin types.
  • Some unique and hardly available products in a box of wonder.

Check the subscription box in detail

Sock Fancy – Surprise Pair of shocks Subscription

Do you possess sock fancy? Then you would definitely like this wonderful collection of funky design shocks available universally. As a holiday gift, it can make anyone happy with such a fine collection of quality shocks.

Striking things about the box:

  • The materials are of high-quality cotton and nicely combed clothe.
  • Made on a 200-needle knitting machine that provides detailed quality work.
  • You will be getting a pair of fine shocks every month.

Get to know more about the shock fancy box

Simple Loose Leaf Tea

Simple Loose Leaf Tea is an awesome tea package for Tea-lovers and enthusiasts. The package shall offer you four loose tea leaves that sit well with the season and atmosphere. The types include- Green tea, Herbal Tea, Black tea, and some other seasonal leaves.

Striking things about the box:

  • Thoughtfully created themes offering testing note cards, detail of the tea origin, perfect brew, and method.
  • Helps one to discover his or her taste in tea.
  • A handful of tea packs in one box; 16 to 20 cups in one box.
  • 50 % off in first box

The product in details
Best Holiday Subscription Gifts for Kids

Raddish – Kids Cooking Subscription Box

Kids of 4 to 14+ ages can find the monthly fascinating cooking kit every month with Raddish subscription box. The box is pretty helpful for the kids to learn some basic cooking skills which are fun as well.

Striking things about the box:

  • Kids learn to whisk, sauté, chop, and measure.
  • Amazing and easy to get step by step recipes.
  • A new theme appears each month.
  • 30% off within the first box.

Find the product here

Bitbox – Coding Subscription Box

Kids who love coding, making games, and learning other stimulation will find this one quite enjoyable. It’s an educational box that offers the kids (6-12) fun projects with creative science projects.

Striking things about the box:

  • Comes with a guide to help with projects.
  • It takes the kid a step ahead towards the coding world.
  • Offers fun elements including stickers.
  • A number 1 voted stem for kids.
  • 20 % off with the first box.

Find the product here

Amazon Book box

Make your kid’s storytime more adventurous and exciting with an Amazon book box. With this, you can gift your kids a handful of classics.

Striking things about the box:

  • Hand-picked special books every 1, 2. Or 3 months.
  • Quality print with an amazing portrayal.
  • 15% off for Amazon prime new members.

Know more about the box here

Little Passports

If you want to gift your kid something action-packed then Little Passport would make a fine selection. It comes with three stages – early explorer, world edition, and science expedition suiting different ages.

Striking things about the box:

  • A verity of fun element stuff game.
  • Engaging play.
  • Helps to develop knowledge.
  • 15% off (first box)

Find the Little Passports boxes here


So, visit the pages to get a full overview and pick the right one for the right person. We hope we could help you to get acquainted with the Best Subscription box gifts for the holiday season. Now, the holidays are no more mundane.

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